Unique Monogram Acrylic Wedding Invitations With Vellum Wraps

Monogram designs of acrylic wedding invitations are popular with modern wedding. The initial design means a new union for new brides. Such romantic things! Our designers make some unique monogram styles, the hot floral styles, simple wording styles for you to choose. Including the popular eucalyptus element.Let’s take a look!

1. Eucalyptus monogram with matching vellum wrap

Clarity&CO. has many unique designs for brides to choose. This symmetrical leaf pattern are so hot in all of the styles. We put them in acrylic invitations, welcome signs, vellum wraps...This is the first choose in all of the invitations.

Greenery eucalyptus monogram acrylic wedding invitations with the matching vellum wrap
greenery eucalyptus acrylic wedding invitations for rustic wedding CAX

2. New olive leaf design

We notice that this leaf on the regular paper invitations gets more attention, so this time we put it on the arcylic sheet. All the colorful designs, we use the UV printing method. For this sets of acrylic invitations, we add the matching vellum wraps, envelope liners, and vellum RSVP cards. It’s suitable for greenery and outdoor wedding, why not try to order samples?

Unique leaf monogram acrylic wedding invitations with vellum wrap CAPV
ivory laser cut pocket fold resembles lace with leaf invitation set CLCI

3. Blush floral acrylic wedding invitations

The blush rose designs are so beautiful for spring&summer wedding! Matching the white wording and initial wax seals, your guests can’t take their eyes off this elegant arcylic wedding invitations!

Blush rose floral acrylic wedding invitations CAPV
Custom Wedding Signs Ethereal White and Pink Floral Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign

4. Burgundy floral acrylic wedding invitations with vellum wrap

This classic floral design are the TOP 1 in clarity&co shop. Every bride would see this style on Pinterest or instergram if they are interested in acrylic invitations. Now we do the matching vellum warps to decorate them.

burgundy floral acrylic invites with RSVP cards and wax seals

5. Lavender floral border for modern wedding

The lanvender floral design is the suitable for modern wedding.

white floral border acrylic wedding invitations with vellum jacket

6. Simple wording invitations with black tri-fold pockets

Black tri fold pocket with gold clear acrylic invites
Rose gold acrylic invites with black pocket

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