Top 9 Wedding Color Trends For 2022 Spring & Summer

Hello, everyone, we are very honored to introduce to you the Top 9 wedding color trends for 2022 spring&summer. Spring is a season of revival of all things, the vibrant green is the main color that never fades, and the pink embellishment symbolizes the fullness of spring. Whether it’s Pantone or vogue magazine, green and pink are the popular colors for spring and summer of 2022.

Summer means enthusiasm and unrestrainedness. Yellow and blue inject a cool breeze into this vitality. You can never go wrong with this color combination to decorate your wedding scene.

Next, let us appreciate the color trend of the 2022 spring and summer wedding together.

1.Pink,rose,peach always the mainstream

Vivid Coral Rose is a floral tone whose energising presence brings a sense of uplift.

Gossamer Pink and forest green
pink flower cax acrylic wedding invitation

2. Green Sage

sage green wedding acrh
frosted floral acrylic wedding invitations claritynco

3. Daffodil yellow

Daffodil yellow color trends
mirror gold acrylic wedding invitations

4. Greenery + blue

greenery and blue
eucalyptus acrylic wedding invites CAX

5. Blush + greenery

blush and greenery wedding color
Pink blush geometric floral acrylic wedding invites

6. Rose gold + blush pink

rose gold and blush pink wedding color
Boho floral acrylic wedding invites CA

7. Yellow + Blue + Grey

white calligraphy acrylic wedding invite

8. Dusty blue

dusty blue wedding color
Dusty blue acrylic wedding invites CAX

9. Dusty rose

dusty rose
laser cut pocket with acrylic wedding invites CAPL

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