TOP 5 advantages of 1mm frosted acrylic wedding invitations

Referring to frosted acrylic wedding invitations, you maybe want to know more about this material. Clarity&CO. provide the popular 1mm clear acrylic wedding invitations, frosted acrylic invites, mirror acrylic invites, black acrylic… Today we will introduce the top 5 advantages of frosted acrylic wedding invitations.

1. Easy to read for all unique wedding

Compare to clear acrylic wedding invitations, the frosted acrylic invites are easy to read especially on cloudy days. If you want to order an acrylic wedding sign, we recommend you to choose the frosted material. Whether it’s raining or in dim light, you can see clearly. What’s  about choosing the sets of frosted acrylic wedding signs and invitations?

clear and frosted acrylic wedding invitations CAX
clear vs frosted acrylic invitations SKU:CAX065 / CAM065
elegant modern acrylic wedding sign with candle lights
white simple acrylic wedding sign. SKU:CS039

2.Frosted acrylic invitations are not leaving fingerprints.

The frosted material behind the acrylic is not easy to leave fingerprints and is easier to store.

frosted green and white floral acrylic wedding invitations CAM
white floral frosted acrylic wedding invitation. SKU:CAM064

3. Frosted texture looks more advanced and suitable for modern wedding.

CAM Romantic frosted acrylic wedding invitations

4. Accept the colorful designs or single color elegant letters

Actually the designs which are suitable for clear acrylic are also used on frosted acrylic. No matter it’s colorful designs or single color elegant letters.

Colorful designs on clear acrylic vs frosted acrylic ——UV printing method

frosted floral acrylic wedding invitations claritynco
green floral acrylic wedding invites SKU:CAX058
pink flower cax acrylic wedding invitation
pink floral clear acrylic invites SKU:CAX019

Single gold elegant letters——gold silk screen printing method

Frosted gold printed acrylic wedding invitations for simple and modern wedding claritynco
luxury gold floral border acrylic wedding invitations cax

5. 1mm tickness is easy to transport.

1mm /.04”acrylic invitation only weighs 22g which equals to a set of laser cut invitation, so it is easy and affordable to be mailed. Before we send the invitations out, we will take photos to make sure the numbers correct.

package of acrylic invitations

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