Popular design on acrylic wedding invitations for brides to personalize!

“Modern weddings tend to gravitate toward acrylic more than any other,” says Chris Neubauer, owner of Yonder Design. And with that typically comes sleek lines. However, with acrylic’s potential for adaptation, Neubauer says the material can take on many other different forms. “We can soften up a design by incorporating moss, sand, florals, and other natural elements,” he says. “Acrylic invitations run the risk of being kitschy and theme-based if they aren’t done with a certain level of polish.”

Claritynco has professional producing lines for acrylic wedding invitations and acrylic signs. We will introduce the popular design on the acrylic wedding invitations for all brides.

Floral pattern

1.Pink and blush floral

2. Red and burgundy floral

3.White and green floral

4. Navy and dusty blue floral

5.Yellow Sunflower and Orange flower

2. Greenery Eucalyptus

3. Simple wording design




4. DIY design by brides

Unlike totally DIY wedding invitations or signs, the semi-customization order of acrylic invitations or signs could be quite easy.

Customer design CAX
Geometric floral with eucalyptus
CA chic semi custom acrylic wedding invitation with pocket
laser cut pocket with wax seals
CAX flower clear acrylic wedding invitation customization
acrylic invitations with color change
CAX Customer design
adding your design on invitations

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