7 New arrival 1mm frosted acrylic wedding invitations you shouldn’t miss!

A nice wedding invitation card sets the tone for your wedding and gives your guests the first indication of what your celebration will be like! We will introduce the new arriving frosted acrylic wedding invitations for brides to try. We use the popular design of eucalyptus for greenery wedding, and the gold foil printed wording for modern and luxury wedding. Let’s take a look!

Frosted simple gold printed design

1. Monogram Frosted Calligraphy Gold Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAM002

2. Simple Modern Frosted Gold Printing Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAM041

3.Modern Frosted Gold Foliage Calligraphy Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAM062

4.Elegant Monogram frosted Gold Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAM063

Frosted eucalyptus design

1. Greenery Eucalyptus Frosted Acrylic Wedding Invitation Cards CAM060

2. Unique Greenery Frosted Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAM065

3. Greenery Floral Frosted Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAM064

CAM Greenery floral frosted acrylic wedding invitations

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