2022 Modern Acrylic Wedding Invitations With Unique Designs

Modern acrylic wedding invitations will be the trends in 2022. Wedding standards are constantly evolving, as are rules of contemporary style. As the years have passed, wedding stationery has transformed, and modern renditions are constantly being dreamt up. From creative colors to abstract designs and everything in between, today’s wedding invitations looks starkly different from those popular in the years past. Although many people consider “modern” and “minimal” to mean the same thing, you shouldn’t confuse the two. 

We were particularly taken with swirly watercolor hues, gold-foil accenting, and splashy, retro-inspired shades. So we provide 25 modern wedding invitation ideas for your unique wedding in 2022 trends. Let’s take a look!

1. Simple gold foil letters

Acrylic modern wedding invitation CA
Modern acrylic wedding invitation in black and gold CA

2.Modern Water Color Acrylic Invites

Water color dusty blue clear acrylic wedding invitation claritynco

3. Beauty And The Beast illustration UV printing

beauty and beat acrylic wedding invitations for unique wedding claritynco

4. Custome Photo clear unique acrylic save the date

classic modern photo custome acrylic save the date claritynco

5. Monogram and border classic acrylic invites

Modern luxury black and gold acrylic wedding invitations CAX
Modern classic black and white wedding color theme with acrylic wedding invitaions CAX

6. With Pockets And Invitation Backer

laser cut pocket and colorful velvet invitation backer square acrylic wedding invitation

7. With foil prited vellum pocket

modern gold floral with vellum pocket
DIY Modern black and gold wedding ideas CA

8. Mirror rose gold acrylic wedding invitation

Rose gold mirror border acrylic wedding invitation for elegant wedding claritynco
CAJ winter warm wedding ideas with mirror acrylic invitations CAJ claritynco

9. Butterfly shape acrylic

butterflies black and pink arylic

10. Timeline speacial design

Timeline special design from customer

11. All black acrylic for classic wedding

all black modern acrylic

12.DIY belly bands on acrylic wedding invites

diy gold printing belly band

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