How To Make Creative DIY Acrylic Wedding Invitations

DIY Acrylic wedding invitations are popular in wedding, the clear material is suitable for all wedding style. And the forest acrylic make the wording more readable, you will be interested.

It’s not difficult to make creative DIY acrylic wedding invitation, we can use the colorful envelopes, vellum jackets, matte or vellum belly bands, wax seals, beautiful ribbons,etc. Now we will show you some ideas to make DIY acrylic wedding invitations.Match the colorful envelopes

1.Go with vellum wrap

Vellum wedding invitations are very popular in these year, besides, it can also be used as an stylish adornment into any type of wedding invitations, including acrylic stationery.

DIY lanvender and white flower acylic wedding invitation with vellum jacket
Lavender Floral 1mm affordable Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAX028
diy floral acrylic invitations with vellum pockets
Greenery And Pink Floral Wreath Acrylic Glass Wedding Invitations CA032
DIY Gold Flower Priting Acrylic Wedding Invitations With Vellum Jacket
Gold Floral Acrylic Wedding Invites Foiled Vellum Pocket CAPV002
DIY custome greenery invitations with vellum jacket
Greenery Clear Acrylic Wedding Invites Vellum Pocket CAPV001

2.Match the colorful envelopes with acylic cards

Burgundy envelopes are suitable for fall and winter. Greenery envelopes are for outdoor,backyard,rustic wedding. Ivory envelopes means elegant and stylish.

3.Custom wax seals make it unique

wax seals are another easy finishing touch for those of you who are new to wedding DIY. They’re cheap, simple and create a regal impression that will impress your wedding guests!

DIY eucalptus acrylic invitations with green envelopes
Greenery eucalyptus acrylic wedding invitation cards CAX060

4. What about add the belly band

Belly band is a stylish addition to any type of wedding stationery.

5. Amazing colorful ribbons

6. Take the laser cut pockets

DIY ivory laser cut pocket with gold printing acrylic invitations
Gold Foil Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitations With Ivory Laser Cut Pocket CAPL001
DIY dusty blue laser cut pocket with clear acrylic wedding invitations
Night String Lights With Greenery Designs Acrylic Wedding Invitations CA047
DIY blush pink laser cut pocket with acrylic wedding invitations
Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Blush Pink Laser Cut Pocket CAPL003

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