8 Creative Ideas for your Small Wedding in 2022

Due to the changes in the external environment, more and more brides and grooms choose to hold a small wedding. How to make small weddings very warm and comfortable? Hopefully, some of our ideas will give you some inspiration.

1. Choose a cosy wedding venue!

Actually, it is not difficult to choose the venue for small weddings, many couples will choose their own backyard, the beach or the outdoor place. Of course, you can also choose some meaningful places or some special places, such as a cruise ship.

Small Backyard Wedding
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Outdoor Small Weddings
photo from IG: bennetts_willow_barn_weddings;megs_marvels;perfectlittlewedding;rockmywedding;
Small Weddings in Special Places
photo from IG: ventureeverafter;adventureinstead;togetherweroamphoto;theweddingbliss
Small Beach Wedding
photo from IG: kenpakphotography;milbesoscr;tannerburgephoto;shadowstyledecoration;simpleoahuwed
Navy And Pink Floral Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAX

2. Make your invites more personal!

It’s a great idea to customize a personal invitaion. You can try to put your sweet photos on it.

Custome photo acrylic wedding invites with eucalyptus geometic design CAX
photo from IG: innocentistrings;wildfeathereventstyling;rockmywedding;visioneventco
Unique white floral acrylic wedding invites with custome photo CAX
photo from IG:wildfeathereventstyling;wildelopements;the_markows;lil_blue_fiat_500s
Romantic photo custome acrylic wedding invitations with floral geometric design CAX

3. Design a beautiful arch or backdrop!

It is a great idea to design a nice arch or backdrop. They will make your wedding ceremony even more elaborate.

Design a nice backdrop or arch for your small wedding
photo from IG: annedelamarre_photographie;neishabreen;ceremoniesbycassandra
Have a beautiful arch for your small wedding
photo from IG: angelamartinphoto;nymphi_design;wieslaw.weddings;treetopescape;phuketbestphotographer
elegant blush floral acrylic wedding invitation with vellum jacket CAPV

4. Fill the table with a lot of love!

You can choose square or round table. No matter which one you choose, remember to add your favorite elements to put on the table, such as flowers, succulents, mason bottles, candles and so on.

Square table or round table for your small wedding
photo from IG: wildfeathereventstyling;encoreeventsrentals
How to decrorate the table for your small wedding
photo from IG: vaughanhouse
Some elements to put on the table
photo from IG: cerfvolant_events;encoreeventsrentals;wildfeathereventstyling
Romantic Dusty Rose Floral Acrylic Wedding Invitations CA

5. Prepare some special dessert!

Make your guests feel the sweetness of the wedding with lovely and beautiful dessert.

Lovely cakes for your big day
photo from IG: berryoromania;weddingpeace;desertskyeweddings
Beautiful cakes for your big day
photo from IG: edibletimex;sweettreetsbakery;ww_wed
Beautiful and Lovely cakes for yoru big day
photo from IG: funcakes_be_creative;misstomrsbox;itoids_home;campbellcakesllc
Simple Modern Affordable Gold Printing Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAX

6. Invite a special guest!

Let some cute pets or other animals show up at your wedding! How terrific it is!

Invite your lovely pet to your wedding
photo from IG: visioneventco;chapel_hill_retreat;copper.collective_
Your special guest on your wedding
photo from IG: tinyweddingsmpls;tapestryeventco;wildsocialmicroweddings
Sunflower Rustic Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAX

7. Hire a wedding band!

How could a wedding be perfect without music! Hire a wedding band, dance to the music with your family and friends.

Hire a band for your big day
photo from IG: hankagencyrocks;innocentistrings;theukawp
Hire a wedding band for your big day
photo from IG: innocentistrings
Hire a wedding band for your perfect day
photo from IG: lisagalvanimakeup;patandseankelly;visioneventco
Lavender Floral mm affordable Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAX

8. Get some fun transport!

Weddings don’t have to be very serious, you can also make your small wedding fun with some interesting transport.

Fun Transport for your big day
photo from IG: craftandcopperevents;florencefiat500;foodtrucks_united;jamievesterphotography
Fun Wedding Transport for your perfect day
photo from IG: gemmasangwine;camionleon;bespokeuniqueweddings;whimsicalwonderlandweddings;
Fun Transport for your perfect day
photo from IG: kirbyleannephotography;vintage_camperbooths
greenery monogram acrylic wedding invitation with vellum wrap and wax seal CAPV

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