5 important things about acrylic wedding invites you have to know

New wedding invitation trends say that the edge acrylic invites trend is here to stay. There are 5 important things you have to know before order: thickness, material, printing type, quality, diy ideas.

1、Thickness of acrylic

Clarity&Co. clarity is committed to innovating the design, quality, and product craftsmanship of acrylic invitations. Today, I would like to recommend the basic thickness: 0.5mm | .02″acrylic invitation card.

127x178mm |5×7″Basic     0.5mm|0.02″13g2.7 /pic
127x178mm |5×7″Medium    1mm|0.04″23g2.99 /pic
127x178mm |5×7″Pro        2mm|0.08″55g4.37 /pic
All from Clarity&Co.

2. Material of acrylic

Clear and frosted materials can be choosed. Compare to clear acrylic wedding invitations, the frosted acrylic invites are easy to read especially on cloudy days. Click here to know more about frosted acrylic invites.

frosted vs clear

3、Printing types of acrylic invitations

Now we have two types of printing methods:

UV printing ——floral or botanical design in colorful ink.

Advantages: UV printing is more affordable

Screen printing——gold/silver/rose gold wording

Advantages: Looks like more luxury in simpe design

4、Quality of three thickess of acrylic wedding invitations

Basic thickness- 0.5mm| .02″ : If you are on a limited budget, choose the thinner acrylic card. You may save some money to customize your own personalized invitation with unique embelishments.

Medium thickness- 1mm| .04″ : If beauty and fashion is the top thing to you, take the thinner 1mm.

bending test

Pro thickness- 2mm| .08″ : Prefer a weighty non- embellished acrylic invitation card for your luxury wedding theme? Take a thicker card of 2mm

Visit here to know more differencebetween 1mm and 2mm

5、DIY acrylic wedding invitation ideas

There are two things for you to diy your invitations after choosing the thickness and materials.

Choose the design for your ceremony: You can order them for any parties, such as Quinceañera, Sweet 16, Birthday party, Baby shower….

photo from: velamor

Choose the accesseries: colorful envelopes, wax seals, vellum wraps, ribbons….

CAX mm Sunflower Rustic Acrylic Wedding Invitations

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