Top 10 Wedding Colors Trends and Theme Ideas for 2022 & 2023

It’s so exciting to share with dear brides our predition for 2022 wedding colors trends. If you dream of something trendy, but also timeless for your big day, you will be swooning over the gorgeous ideas we have collected below. Moreover, we’ve combined the colors’ aesthetics & vision with our acrylic wedding invitations available online! So if you like the colors, we got you! Enjoy and Happy sharing!

1. Monochromatic Wedding

If you’re opt for an elegant contemporary wedding, a monochromatic color palette will be a special and unexpected choice. By playing with many tones and varieties of that same color, you wil be able to make a swoon on your wedding. Let‘s take the popular blushing rose for inpiration and the romantic acrylic invitation looks perfect too.

moden blush rose monochromatic wedding color inspiration
Pink floral acrylic wedding invitations CAX

2. Greenery Tones Never Gone

Are new couples getting tired of greenery shades? Absoblutely no. The buget-friendly greenery is ideal for weddings in any season, with any theme. In the past, greenery is only frequently used in the floral arrangements and bouquets, but now we are seeing more and more green hues becoming popular colors of 2022 weddings, such as sage and emerald green.

olive greenery organic rustic wedding color palette 2022
romantic moss green and blush wedding color palette for brides
blush floral invite CAX
peach floral acrylic invite CA

3. Terracotta & Rust

We have seen too many shades of terra cotta, dark orange and rust in 2021, and believe me that trends is still going strong in 022. The eye-catching warm hue is especially a perfect color for boho and rustic theme.

champagne and terracotta modern retro wedding color trends
sunflower acrylic invite CAX
sunflower and orange floral acrylic wedding invitations CAX023
boho floral acrylic wedding invitations for barn wedding CAX
Boho orange floral acrylic wedding invitations CAX029

4. Bold Jewel Tones

Though we’ve seen jewel tones being used mostly in fall season, you can also have it in any other season especially in summer that you have more choices of flowers. The vibrant and rich shades of jewel tones are perfect for a bride who loves high style.

orchid flower and emerald green jewel tone fall wedding colors

5. Champagne and Neutral Colors

Looking for a wedding color that is natural and peaceful? Try ivory and champagne hues! The classic neutrals fit anywhere from an elegant outdoor garden wedding to a laid-back beach wedding.

elegant organic champagne neutral wedding color combos

6. Sea Glass and Sage

Looking for a wedding colour that refreshing, tender, and very relaxing? We have the sea glass and sage wedding color! See the wedding color combination below and bring your unique beach wedding look to life.

romantic sea glass and sage green beach wedding color palette
stylish greenery acrylic wedding invitations

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