20 Vintage wedding guest book with photos ideas for unique wedding

Wedding guest book is a great way to remember your day and the loved ones who were present while you celebrated. However, as timeless and customary as a standard book may be, that doesn’t mean you need to select a basic or cursory book. The popularity of wedding guest book alternatives, like decor pieces couples hope to hang in their newlywed home, is on the rise. While you’ve probably seen ideas like a tree guest book sign or even a message in a bottle guest book, don’t limit yourself to those concepts—the options are truly endless when it comes to unique guest book ideas. 

We have some special ideas to inspire your ideas!

1. wedding guest book photo welcome sign

sign 产品单CS funny modern bride and groom photo wedding welcome signs
Modern and Fun Photo Custom Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign CS032
wedding guest book sign

2. Halloween theme wedding guest book

halloween vintage wood guest book
ghost shape guest book for halloween wedding
Halloween creative gueat book ideas
pump shadow box guest book ideas

3. Polaroid wedding guest book

polaroid wedding guest book
photo guest book with white polaroid from insgram
polaroid guest book for wedding memory

4. Virtual guest book

record your blessing CD guest book
virtual guest book record your note
wedding guest book alternative music

5. Wooden heart for rustic wedding

wooden guest book sign

6. Jenga for unique wedding

7. Globe for custome

global wedding guest book for diy wedding ideas

8.Wedding tree for romantic

wedding tree guest book

9. Whiskey barrel for backyard

whiskey barrel guest book for outdoor wedding

10.Guiter for music lover

guitar guest book for rustic wedding

11.Shadow box for diy

shadow box guest book
wedding guest book shadow box heart

12. Dropbox photo for funny

wedding photo guest book custome

13. surfboards to say it

say it with your surfboards

14. drifting bottle guest notes

drifting bottle guest note

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