What is the difference between different acrylic materials?

Acrylic wedding invitations break free from standard paper invitations. Let's explore their allure in clear, frosted, mirror, and black forms!

What do we provide except wedding invitations?

If you want to buy invitations to celebrate the events, we can help you! You can find all kinds of invitations you need for your life here!

What Is Acrylic Sheet?

Acrylic in the modern era is used for a variety of applications. But, what exactly is acrylic? And why acrylic sheet is so popular now? … Let us have a look together.

What Acrylic Wedding Products Can We Provide For Your Unique Big Day?

More couples are opting to go for chic and elegant decor for their wedding day. Acrylic sheets can make wedding more chic unique, read more…

What Kind Of Printing Methods Do You Use On Acrylic Sheets?

Acrylic sheets are so chic, and it is so much different from common paper. So, what kind of printing methods can be applied on acrylic sheets?

What acrylic signs do I need for my wedding day?

Wedding signs have become a common sight at weddings, especially acrylic wedding signs! However, what acrylic signs do you need for ceremony and reception? Have a look…

The Gorgeous Custom Designs on Acrylic Wedding Signs

Excited to know how acrylic is used throughout a number of different wedding aesthetics in the seasons ahead? Check out some gorgeous design ideas we have collected for a big swoon in 2021!

Why Choose .04” | 1mm Acrylic Wedding Invitations for Your Big Day?

Clarity & Co. specializes in designing affordable and custom acrylic wedding invitations. Why do 90% of brides choose 0.04”|1mm acrylic wedding invitations for their momentous day? Let's uncover the enticing factors behind this popular trend.

Why & How to Decide Your Acrylic Wedding Invitation Thickness

The standard thickness for acrylic wedding invitation card is 2mm. However, we have found that more than 90% of our brides had chosen 1mm acrylic card as their wedding invitations. The reasons are obvious .

DIY Acrylic Wedding Invitation Ideas

Want to add unique elements to one simple acyclic sheet? Want to make chic acrylic invitations more styles? Let us get more DIY ideas you may prefer!

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Invitations On Your Budget?

There are a lot of deciding factors when you choose the perfect wedding invitations for your big day, where you buy the invitations...

Unique Acrylic Wedding Invitations Ideas For Different Wedding Themes

Acrylic wedding invitations are taken to new heights with variety designs in recently. Most acrylic invitations are clear, and looks modern.

Creative DIY decoration ideas for unique acrylic wedding signs

Whether your wedding is modern, traditional or rustic, there’s a place for this versatile wedding decor amongst it. Look at these creative acrylic wedding sign ideas to get inspired for …

Which Size of Acrylic Wedding Signs Should Couples Choose?

New couples are easily stuck on which size to choose for their unique big day, such as plexiglass wedding welcome sign for the entrance, acrylic wedding signs for reception ideas. Let us have a look at together how to choose the size..

Custom acrylic sign colors for your unique wedding theme

When you prefer a design of acrylic wedding sign, however the color doesn’t match your wedding, you can choose to change the color according to your theme ideas. Not sure where to start with?

8 Best Color Palettes for Weddings in 2024.

Picking the right color palette for your wedding is an important decision as it sets the mood and tone for your special day.

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Mailing Your Acrylic Invitations What You Need To Know.

All the necessary information here you need to know what to expect when mailing your acrylic invitations. Being prepared and knowing the cost beforehand...

Custom unique order matching your wedding color or theme

Looking for wedding invitations or signs fit your wedding style, theme and budget? Why not to have a semi-custom order! Not sure where to start with? You can check our customers’ order examples for tried and true.

How do we pack and mail acrylic wedding signs?

As we know that the size of acrylic wedding sign is much bigger than acrylic wedding invitations. How could we ship them safe to our customers’ hands? Read now.

How To Clean and Care Your Acrylic Sheets After Receiving Them?

Acrylic sheets are so popular recently and are different from paper invitations, however, do you want to know how to keep your acrylic sheets chic and perfect?