Unique Acrylic Wedding Invitations Ideas For Different Wedding Themes

Acrylic wedding invitations are taken to new heights with variety designs in recently. Most acrylic invitations are clear, and looks modern. However, there's a lot more to your invitations than what they're printed on. Consider using shapes, mixed materials and extra decorative things to create the vibe you want. So, what is your wedding color? What is your wedding theme? And which design of acylic invitations is your style? Let us start to have a look.

1. For chic rustic wedding theme ideas

Whether wedding trends come and go, the charm of a rustic country wedding has specifically stood the test of time. Rustic country themes can be done anywhere no matter where you're hosting the affair. We 've rounded up a few of our favorite country wedding ideas, below, to show unique acrylic wedding invites to matching this beautiful and incredibly romantic rustic wedding style ideas.

Related acrylic invitations: clear rustic acrylic invites (<<< click for more details)

Above rustic clear acrylic wedding invitations: CA047, CA043, CAX058 (<<< click for more details)

2. For backyard/ outdoor wedding theme

Couples today agree that backyard weddings are on the rise (by The Knot 2019 Real Wedding Study). A backyard wedding is perfect for couples who want complete freedom to make the unique wedding personal, convenient, and save money on the venue space. The core elements on backyard wedding style are: adding the string lights into wedding reception décor ideas, hanging decor from trees in backyard, using plants or dried floral as centerpieces ideas, etc. Here are some unique acrylic wedding invites ideas perfect matching the backyard outdoor wedding style and hope you love.

Unique clear acrylic wedding cards:CA049; photo source: Instagram@weddingforwd

Unique clear acrylic invitations: CA003; photo source: Instagram @weddingpeace

Unique clear acrylic invitations: CAX005; photo source: Instagram @weddingchicks

3. For bohemian wedding themes

Bohemian style comes with a long history, with its aesthetic originating in the late 60s and 70s, Bohemian style comes with a long history, with its aesthetic originating in the late 60s and 70s, also called ‘boho chic’ or ‘boho’(by thepearlsource).
Classic boho decorations for wedding are dream catchers, the blanket with boho patterns and macrame backdrop wedding, and pampass is becoming the new one While there are no rules when it comes to Bohemian wedding decorating, the style features a variety of natural materials, earthy shades and hippie-inspired patterns, as are metallics and jewel tones. Crystal clear acrylic invitations with amazing design can create an enchanting effect for boho wedding ideas.

Photo source:Instagram@eysey, @pukkalifestyle

Unique clear boho acrylic invitations: white acrylic invites, floral acrylic invitations, green acrylic invites

Unique clear boho acrylic invitations: CA004, CA029, CAM027

4. For modern wedding theme ideas

If the clean lines and the latest trends are your preference, then maybe a modern aesthetic wedding theme is best for you. Insanely simple acrylic décor is the great mix of a minimalism and modern wedding style. Create acrylic save the date, acrylic signs, table numbers and menu cards which will be perfect additions to other table settings for the modern wedding ideas.

Unique clear modern acrylic invitations: simple acrylic invites, calligraphy acrylic invitations, monogram acrylic invites (<<< click for more details)

Unique clear modern acrylic invitations: CA049, CA025, CA048 (<<< click for more details)

5. For vintage wedding theme ideas

Vintage wedding theme is one of the most romantic and loved themes today. It not only pulls of the romanticism of past but creates a sensitivity that evokes nostalgia. Couples are incorporating different eras, different styles and a huge array of vintage ideas in their wedding. Here we have compiled the chic vintage wedding invitations to help you make the best out of it.

Unique vintage acrylic invitations: calligraphy, Elegant acrylic invitaitons, Frosted acrylic invitations (<<< click for more details)



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