How do you print on acrylic invitations?

Today we are going to talk about printing methods on acrylic sheets, such as acrylic wedding invitations, and acrylic signs for your unique big day. In this guide, we will look at the 3 main printing methods on our acrylic cards. Let's get started.

1. How to print multiple colors on acrylic invitation?

There are lots of ways to print on acrylics sheets. But if printing excellently on beautiful and durable unique acrylic wedding invitations or signs, nothing has the versatility, speed, and profitability of using raised Spot UV printing method.
This more tactile feel will make your guests a big impact if you apply it to your cards. And UV cured inks on acrylic sheet are weather-resistant and offer increased-resistance to fading.

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2. Can you screen printing on acrylic?

Yes, we can do gold, rose gold, silver, white and black screen printing on acrylic wedding invitations. Here is the simple steps:
√ Screen printing or silk screen printing is created by tightly stretching a thin mesh over a frame.
√ A negative of the design is then printed onto the screen to be placed on the acrylic cards.
√ Ink is then rolled over the screen and only the areas that have been printed will allow the ink to come through.
Essentially it can adhere a print to acrylic without air bubbles, creating stunning great visual feel.

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>>> Gold Screen Printing

Monogram Affordable Calligraphy
Gold Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAX002

>>> Rose Gold Screen Printing

rose gold Big name modern
Acrylic Wedding Invitations CAX056

>>> Silver Screen Printing

Silver Screen Printing Acrylic

Wedding Invitations with Monogram CA048


3. Foil printing methods on acrylic wedding invitations

If you're looking for foil-pressed acrylic wedding invitations, you came to the right place! The way light dances on the foil truly mesmerizes and hints at an enchanting evening for you and your acrylic invitations


If you prefer to certain design and printing methods, Please contact our service. And if you need the thick envelopes for acrylic cards on our website, we can foil printing your return address on the outer outer envelopes


4. Can I DIY painting on acrylic wedding signs?

Sure! If you prefer to DIY acrylic wedding sign with unique design or color ideas, you can order a blank sign or simple white wordings acrylic sign on our website. DIY painting acrylic wedding sign samples are acrylic signs




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