What Kind Of Printing Methods Do You Use On Acrylic Sheets?

Today we are going to talk about printing methods on acrylic. Acrylic sheeting, often referred to by the brand name Plexiglas, is a versatile craft and art material. It offers the same transparent and smooth surface with glass or plastic, but it is much stronger and easier to work with.
However, not all crafting applications are appropriate for a perfectly transparent piece of acrylic sheets. In this guide, we will look at the 3 main printing methods on acrylic. Let’s get started.

1. UV printing on the acrylic sheets

There are lots of ways to print on acrylics, but if printing excellently on beautiful and durable unique acrylic sheets, nothing has the versatility, speed, and profitability of using UV printing method.
This method utilizes ultraviolet light which essentially is used to cure the ink as it is printed on the acrylic. The art UV printer allows you to print any high-quality full color resolution design element or text with raised Spot UV with crystal clear detail. Your artwork is perfectly printed, allowing every detail to shine and giving you more texture and depth to touch. This more tactile feel will make your guests a big impact if you apply it to your cards.
And UV cured inks on acrylic sheet are weather-resistant and offer increased-resistance to fading.
Here are a few examples, watch videos on the right of each of these applications:

2. Screen Printing method on acrylic sheets

Modern screen printing has gained popularity over the years as the go-to process for printing on clothing and a variety of materials like plastic, glass, and metals.---by signs
Screen printing or silk screen printing is created by tightly stretching a thin mesh over a frame. A negative of the design is then printed onto the screen to be placed on the acrylic sheets. Ink is then rolled over the screen and only the areas that have been printed will allow the ink to come through. Essentially you adhere a print to acrylic without air bubbles, creating stunning great visual feel.
Here are a few examples, watch videos on the right of each of these applications:

Our screen printing method on calligraphy acrylic invitations

3. Painting on the acrylic sheets

By straying from more basic materials like canvas, these artists made their pieces stand out with materials like stone, wood, and glass. Today, this same creativity persists among artists and DIY crafters with a new material – acrylic plastic. With the right knowledge, painting on acrylic can create anything ranging from amazing three-dimensional art to eye-popping signs for an event.---by acmeplastics

Source: PIN

4. printing onto paper and then face mounting to acrylic

This printing method is the acrylic and print are adhered with 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or 1″ acrylic in front of the print. The face mount process is a more difficult process and more expensive, but well worth it. ---by bumblejax

Source: bumblejax

5. What printing methods do you apply on your acrylic products?

The main printing method on our acrylic products is UV printing, and part of acrylic invites and save the date cards are screen printing. Please contact our service, if you prefer to certain design and certain printing methods. And if you need the special envelopes for acrylic cards on our website, we can foil printing your return address on the outer envelopes.