Mailing Your Acrylic Invitations What You Need To Know

We want you to have all the necessary information you need so you know what to expect when mailing your acrylic invitations. Many brides are shocked when they find out how much it will cost. Being prepared and knowing the cost beforehand will save you many headaches once you head to the post office.



This is super important! We cannot stress this enough. Please do not mail your acrylic invitations in standard thin envelopes, regardless if they are 1 mm (0.04”) or 2 mm (0.08”). The corners of the acrylic invitations can tear through the envelope. Even worse, the acrylic can crack. We highly recommend mailing your acrylic invitations in thicker stock envelopes. These envelopes should have a text weight of 80 lb. to 110 lb. This envelope information can easily be found on our website or other places since the descriptions usually specify the weight. If you cannot mail them in thicker envelopes, you can use an outer and an inner envelope. PS: A standard envelope measures 4.125-by-9.5 inches but may be slightly bigger or smaller. A typical envelope weighs 6.75 grams.

For example:
- For a standard 5” x 7” acrylic wedding invitation:
- Use one A7 envelope (5.25” x 7.25”) that has a weight of at least 80 lb.
- Use one A7 envelope inside an outer A7.5 envelope (5.5” x 7.5”)

standard envelopes

If you want to be extra cautious, mail your acrylic invitations in box mailers or bubble mailers. This will assure the invites will arrive perfectly pristine.



The 1 mm (0.04”) acrylic invitations do bend and most can be mailed with a 2 oz. stamp costing 70 cents each. The 2 mm (0.08”) acrylic invitations cannot bend. For this simple reason, they are shipped as parcels. The starting price is $3.60 each and can go up from there depending on the weight of each invitation. We highly encourage you to take one complete invitation set to your local post office to be weighed. Ultimately, it’s up to your local postmaster to determine the cost. The United States Postal Service has different price points based on weight and where the package is mailed. Basically, the USPS has different rates for different postal zones.

Here is a breakdown of cost depending on the thickness of the acrylic:
- 1 mm: Starting price is $0.70 each.
- 2 mm: Starting price is $3.60 each.



We recommend hand-cancelling wedding invitations, especially the 1 mm thick acrylic invitations. It does cost extra (about $0.20 each) but it will make the invitations non-machinable so they will not get sent through the USPS processing machines (which bends your mail). Hand-cancelling basically means the postage is rubber stamped to “cancel” them so they can’t be used again. When you consider a 20 cent up-charge or having to re-do your acrylic invitations, the extra small charge is definitely worth it. And, if you indeed love our acrylic cards but worry mailing, you can order one sample on our website to check the quanlity, here is the link: