Why & How to Decide Your Acrylic Wedding Invitation Thickness

For brides who have decided to have the trendiest acrylic cards for their wedding invitations, thickness is a big thing that you need to be careful about when picking your acrylic wedding stationery .n.

Most invitation shops both online and offline take 2mm the standard thickness for acrylic invitations, however, the material can vary as well depending on your preference. For instance, we have found that most of our brides have picked 1mm acrylic cards for a more affordable price. So think carefully and take the the follow 4 things into consideration.

1. The Cost of a Simple Printed Acrylic Wedding Invitation Card

There are basically 3 thicknesses for acrylic wedding invitations : 1mm/.04", 2mm/.08" and 3mm/.12". The price of acrylic wedding invitation ranges dramatically and the thicker the more expensive. We generally suggest guests to choose 1mm invitations as it is the easiest way to help you keep the budget under control.

Unit price for different thicknesses :
-1mm/.04" : $ 2.8/PC for an order of 100pcs
-2mm/.08" : $ 3.8/PC for an order of 100pcs

♥ Suggestions for Brides:

1. If you are on a limited budget, choose the thinner acrylic card. You may save some money to customize your own personalized invitation with unique embelishments.

2. Prefer a weighty non- embellished acrylic invitation card for your luxury wedding theme? Take a thicker card of 2mm or 3mm.

2. Mailing Postage

The mailing cost associated with acrylic wedding certainly varies as per the size and thickness of invitations and the number of pieces sent. When you choose 1mm/.04"acrylic invitations, you can cut a lot on your postage fee .

Mailing cost depending on the thickness of acrylic card:
- 1mm/.04" : Starting price is $0.70 each.
- 2mm/.08" : Starting price is $3.60 each.

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3. The Difference

Some brides may be afraid that the quality of the acrylic and the cut will be different on thinner acrylic card. But it is not the case with us. Thickness and weight is the only big difference for our 1mm and 2mm acrylic invitation cards, but the quality and cut of card are almost the same.

♥ Suggestions for Brides:
1. If you believe thick and weighty card are more professional and impressive to your guest, choose the thicker 2mm.
2. If beauty and fashion is the top thing to you, take the thinner 1mm.

4.Customization & DIY

Some brides would like to pair acrylic invitation cards with other materials or adds-on to create framed or layered effects. Here we suggest brides to use 1mmm acrylic cards to create your custom wedding invitation. The reasons are obvious.

1) Whether you add a wax seal, ribbon tie or even laser cut and vellum wrap to your acrylic card, the final cost per suite is still affordable.

As low as $3.10
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As low as $3.60
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2) Because it is cheaper, you can save more money for more flexible custom options on your 1mm card to design your goals per your themes .



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