How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Invitations On Your Budget?

Before you plan to search for the perfect wedding invitations, you have probably determine your estimated number of guests, your wedding theme and your main wedding colors and you may run across a lot of articles giving you average budget. According to The Wedding Report, the average cost on 100 wedding invitations and response cards is between $300 - $700.

So, we provide some ideas of 100 wedding invitations (with RSVP) in 4 levels budget: most budget friendly(less than $3 for one invitation with RSVP), affordable($3-$7 for one invitation with RSVP), a little more than average cost($7-$10 for one invitation with RSVP) and much luxurious cost(over $10 for one invitation with RSVP).

There are a lot of deciding factors you need to know when it comes to how much wedding invites and day-of pieces cost, where you buy the invitations, material of invitations, printing method, decorative elements and other finishing details.

1. Most budget friendly invitations you don’t want to miss

Making invitations on your own is the most creative and obvious budget friendly way when your budget for invitations is limited. Couples can try to download free or buy template of invitations on website and printing at home, then DIY the beautiful invitations. Even you needn’t to print, just send the electronic invites to your guests if you could accept.

If you prefer to save money as well as release some pressure of planning wedding, it is a great idea that order the simple invitations online, with basic paper material, economical digital printing method and non-decorative elements. Or you prefer to add some simple but chic elements (such as belly band, tag or ribbon) decorating your invitations, you can save the cost by cutting the cost of RSVP cards and trying including your RSVP information on wedding cards such as reply by email or your website.

2. Much affordable budget for wedding invitations

Additional details added in wedding cards will also play a role in your budget. So if you prefer to add one or two special elements to make your unique wedding invitations perfect, and your budget for invitations is between $3 and $7 (price for one invitation with RSVP), affordable online shop is the most suitable choice for couples.
Here are some samples: special paper (such as vellum paper, handmade papers, .04"thickness acrylic) , special printing method (such as foil printing, Letterpress printing, termography printing), and unique decorative elements (such as laser cut or vellum pockets)

3. A little more than average cost of invitations

There’s so much creative freedom when it comes to your invitation suite that your budget for invitations is lightly less pricey but still a considerable expense. You can work with your local Stationery shop to check widely different wedding invitation suites and chat with designers face to face.
The great embellishments and more enclosures can be added to your wedding invitates, such as more expensive special paper (.08” acrylic invitations with customized heavy out envelopes and liners), other wedding stationary (printed liners, reception cards, menu cards and so on) and custom or vintage postage.

4. No short of money and want the luxurious wedding invitations

There is no advice for this level budget, any chic or fashion and newest if you like, you can add to your luxurious wedding invitation suites.
Velvet envelope with foiled address or mirror acrylic names, thick acrylic with exquisite hard box, hand-calligraphy, designers in graphic design studio create the totally luxury custom invitations.



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