About us

About Clarity & Co.

Clarity & Co. is specialized in acrylic designs for wedding. From acrylic wedding invitations to save the date cards, acrylic wedding wecolme signs to whatever we come up with next, we're here for you to put your life on beautifully designed acrylic.

We are directing our expertise and focus to highlight the ever increasing demand in acrylic invites. At Clarity & Co., we work hard to provide a service that is reinventing itself regularly to hold our already outstanding reputation to be comparable to none.
Acrylic invitation is the new trend, it makes the opening of the invite that much more stunning and marks a lasting impact on your guests. Your message to your guests will undoubtedly stand out with a clear background and color that seems to pop out of empty space. The durability of the acrylic invite itself is timeless and can be displayed or remembered forever!
As we continue to progress our methods of creating these stylish tokens for your events, we are now able to be at the forefront of the acrylic invitation market and provide acrylic designs and invitation suites that is customized to your needs. We will update the information here on Clarity & Co.